How we got started

truck and trailer

I got started back when I was a teenager doing painting work for my parents that owned 8 town homes. I enjoyed the painting part of the remolding and decide to do this as a hobby .

So I started painting for people and then it became outside painting as well. So before you paint a home outside you have to wash it. Along with washing and staining decks and before I knew it I decide to open my open business. If which I finally sold in 2005. After over 25 years of painting and washing things.

I had bought my wife the Pressure Wash This Inc. business in 2003. I had found after I got the contract on one Kmart, our first job, there seemed to be know one else doing Hot washing of things, everyone knows hot washes everything better and  definitely gets gum off the sidewalks easier .Then before we knew it got all the Kmart’s from Freeport to Mchenery, to Janesville WI to wash every month. So just before winter and getting tired of renting a hot washer. I bought a 16 trailer with a all self contained unit.  By spring of 2003 the work started coming in and I picked up Old Country Buffet which was a weekly was contract all the way to 2015 when the closed there doors.

Now we wash between 85 – 125 homes a year, we have over 65 commercial jobs. with a 18% referral rate and 20% repeat customers. and in 2016 is proving to be our busiest year since we opened in 2003.



Do you know that the oxidation on your home starts by attacking the finish on your home?

Do you know that when your home has oxidation on it is what gets dirt, mold, algae to join it on your home, this in turn will not only go after your finish but makes your home look not taking care of.

With Pressure Wash This, one simply call can help.  815-332-9491

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This i a home that has the algae and dirt because of the oxidation
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At Pressure Wash This. we have safely removed the algae dirt and oxidation. Using our biodegrade chemicals with 3 soaps and wax and hot water. We not only washed it but we killed off the alage.

Opening Soon!!

Its looking to be great year this season and weather is going to be warming up next week to where we will probably be able to open for the 2016 season. So everyone that has green siding and green roofs when there not suppose to be or your patios and sidewalks are black and green. Need to call the #1 Company:   Pressure Wash This 815-332-9491   or email us at   We welcome your call and remember we already have a waiting list.SN850209

Opening Soon!!


We are only weeks away to be opening. We are anxiously awaiting this since we already have work lined up and chewing at the bit for  (So to speak). We have reminder notices to send out and the truck is ready and trailer needs a propane safety inspection then we will be there. We have been out this winter doing estimates and every waiting. With the warm weather during the day looks and feels great but night time is still be low freezing.